Do straightenings cause hair to fall out? 8 Hair Growth Myths and Truths


Nothing like getting out of the shower, drying that hair and looking in the mirror with the certainty that your hair is flawless, right? Manicured locks can lift any woman's self-esteem, but nothing worse than brushing and combing and seeing multiple strands stick out of them: the terrible fall, a problem that affects many people and is synonymous with growth-impairing problems. of the hair. So all sorts of theory comes up to explain the problem, and some say there is even the right moon to get a haircut - and they grow faster - but there are a lot of myths about it. Therefore, we invite expert Daniele Nascimento to list some of the most common. Check out:

1. Dryer and flat iron cause drop

Myth! Although misuse of these devices will damage the wires, this will not cause a fall. Ideally, the use should always be associated with a thermal protector, keeping the dryer jet at least 10 cm from the wires and avoiding extremely high temperatures of the board so as not to burn the wires.To learn more about it see Chi Hair Straightener Review.

2. Washing your hair every day causes hair loss
Myth! Scalp cleaning reduces hair loss. Excessive oiliness on the scalp causes clogging of the pores, making it difficult for the hair to grow.

3. Straighteners Cause Hair Loss
Myth! The straightening done properly and following the indicated use mode does not pose any risk to the hair. Breakage occurs when the product is handled improperly. It acts on the hair and not on the scalp. Therefore, it does not interfere with the wire fall.


4. Hair grows faster in summer
Truth! The sun stimulates the growth of the wires as it stimulates certain hormones that benefit this growth.

5. Diet influences hair growth
Truth! A healthy diet rich in vitamins and especially protein can improve the output and even the growth of the hair. It is these nutrients that make up the amino acids. As 80% of the hair fiber is amino acid, it is essential that the diet is balanced, directly influencing the health of the hair.

6. In the fall the hair falls out more
Truth! In our skin there are light sensors, which receive more stimuli in the summer, making the hair grow longer and fall less. As autumn approaches, the light intensity decreases, stimulating less growth hormones and the unfallen strands begin to fall. Therefore, the impression of a more intense fall.

7. Wearing caps makes hair fall out
Myth! Wearing a cap does not cause a fall, but wearing the accessory many hours a day can accentuate fungal proliferation and leave the scalp prone to seborrheic dermatitis.

8. Emotional state influences the fall
Truth! Emotional factors may alter growth and influence fall, just as hormonal and nutritional dysfunctions may potentiate fall and inhibit hair growth.